Components for Your Own Winter Display

by Ketelsen
It starts for me about mid October~TimberPine is buzzing with PumpkinFest activities and I have the opportunity to stroll through the 120 acres of nursery, looking for inspiration…..for Christmas.  Yes..I start early, but it’s all in preparation of making something new, different, spunkier than last year. This round, I started with these 4 elements : Black Hill Spruce, Red Twig Dogwood, Birch Twigs, and White Pine.  From there…I let my imagination take me…changed things up a couple times and today, I’m somewhat satisfied with my creations.  I will most likely switch it up somewhere between here and Christmas.

Start with the evergreen tips first and casually integrate the birch twigs.  Don’t think too hard about it.  A quick arrangement may look more natural…the look you’re going for. In a basket at the floor, I’ve carelessly placed the evergreen snipits and threw in a few ornaments.

I found this “snowball” arrangement online atGainer’s Creek Crafts and thought it would look great in a bowl mixed with White Pine sprigs.

This is really simple..but carries on the evergreen feel.

Something a little different…I took a sumac branch, painted it white, stuck it in a container with bark mulch to stabilize.

Bottom line: don’t be afraid to try something different this year.  Take a stroll in nature’s garden to find some inspiration and bring a snipit of it back to your home.

Happy Holidays
Katie Ketelsen



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3 responses to “Components for Your Own Winter Display

  1. Joni Smith

    Nice article Katie! just what I have been worried about with my boxwoods which have looked AWFUL all summer. what should I do with them, will they come back better next spring? they have a lot of burn and yellow and holes where the plant died out! yuck!
    thanks Katie!

    • Hey Joni!
      I would suggest spraying your boxwoods with Wilt Pruf or something similar. You’re looking for a leaf shield that works for evergreens, most likely you’ll see Rhododendrons and Azaleas on the label too. You’ll want to spray this as soon as possible as it works best with moderate temperatures. Depending on how severe your previous die back was, the plant should grow back and fill in, it just may take some time. I would clean up any dead branches now (trim them off) to allow for the new growth to break through this spring. Let me know if you have any questions at all! thanks for your question.


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