I hate tedious work.

My cabin fever was overwhelming and the smell of soil was too appealing, so I have begun my Victory Garden.  Just in case I didn’t tell you….I found some of the Burpee seeds I’d been eying online, marked 40% off at a box store here in town.  I also managed to grab a 72 soil pellet pack for under $6 (online $8-10).  Needless to say, I was VERY excited with my find.  And alas…. that’s where my frustration began.

I hate….HATE with a passion tedious work.  It drives me crazy bonkers.  Makes me want to scream!  And distributing those dainty little seeds, into their respecting soil pods was TEDIOUS!  I only plugged in the peppers (as it’s too early for the others), however, when the time comes, I’m contemplating hiring my husband to do the sowing.  He’s gotta earn his keep around here anyway.

Soil pellets need to be saturated before setting the seed.

Pellets should expand approximately 1-2″ tall with the soil loose.  (weird sidenote: I love the smell of soil.  Something about it makes me feel good.  If someone knows of a “soil perfume” drop me a line)

It’s begun….tedious tedious tedious!  Keeping my hands steady enough to drop the seeds on the pellet, and NOT along side the pellet where my fat fingers could not rescue a seed=TEDIOUS

Call it frugal or that sowing these seeds was getting the best of me, but I packed 2 seeds in each pod.  In less than 10 minutes, I had had enough.  I’m fairly certain this is one of those moments, that I previously disclosed may happen, where I make up my own rules.  Two to three seeds in one soil pod is just fine guys!

Now, if I was really pinching my pennies, and had a little more patience in me, I would have possibly researched further the many ways I could have re-purposed some of the crap lying around my house.  So take it from the amateur and try following one or more of these frugal methods to starting seeds, I think I’ll be smarter on my next trial.

Happy Planting!

Author: Katie Ketelsen


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