My 10 Favorites~New Plants 2010

TimberPine is pulling in some cool, new plants this year.  Some are new to the industry, and some are brand spanking new to us.  Here are my 10 favorites from the list of 36 new varieties this year

1.  Sunny Knockout Shrub Rose

If you’re a fan of the Knockout Shrub Rose series, you already know what I’m talking about.  However, if you’re not familiar and actually cringe at the thought of having a rose in your garden, cringe no more.  The Knockout Roses are fabulous, a show stopper till the first frost and a rose that’s virtually no maintenance.

2.  Korean Fir

This Fir is one for a special spot but once settled in, will become a focal point envious of the neighborhood.  The new growth of this Fir reveals silver-white characteristics with striking dark cones as accents.

3.  Weeping Alaskan Cypress

I’ve been working really really hard on my husband to let me put 1 or preferably 3 of these in our backyard.  I love their weeping, free flowing nature and think they will do well to help hide the intersecting road near our house.

4.  Autumn Delight Sedum

I don’t usually flock to the Sedums unless it’s a ground cover variety, as they get to leggy for me.  However, I’m intrigued enough to give this one a try, just for the slight variegation in it’s foliage.

5.  Twilite Baptisia

I was fortunate enough to snag one of these Baptisia last year and slip it into my garden.  I’m very excited to see how it will grow this year with it’s petite stature (roughly 3.5-4′ tall) and striking bloom color.

6.  Rozanne Geranium

I love perennial geraniums and currently have several Johnson’s Blue Geranium in my garden.  I like their color, their form, their fall color…I like em!  This perennial will go well along the edge of your planting bed.

7.  Brother Stefan Hosta

I’ve always been a fan of the Frances Hosta, so this was just an easy mark for me.  A nice sized Hosta, reaching roughly 20-24″ tall and wide.

8.  Huron Sunrise Grass

Grasses of almost any kind are great for many reasons.  One use I get out of them is creating a quick, economic screen for privacy standing upwards of 6′ tall.  Huron Sunrise adds a little twist with its full burgundy plumes that emerge in late summer.

9.  First Blush Spurge

I have never owned or grown Spurge so I’m kinda excited for this one.  What I like about it is the soft pink color as it merges with the green and white.  Standing only 12″ tall, this specimen would work well along the border.

10.  Royal Raindrops Crabbaple

I am not much of a Crabapple advocate…their crabapples can be messy both from dropping on sidewalks and from the birds.  And most varieties are highly susceptible to fungus issues.  However!  The Royal Raindrops and Golden Raindrops Crabapples are hands-down my favorite Crabapples!  A quick rant of why:

  • they have a different leaf that other Crabapples, similar to a Amur Maple I say
  • their fruit is much smaller than other Crabapples and seems to stay on the stem until plucked by nature
  • their mature size, roughly 10’x15′, makes them perfect for small spaces AND why I like to use them is to create privacy
  • And finally, the foliage on either the Royal Raindrops or Golden Raindrops Crabapple is phenomenal.  The Royal Raindrops is burgundy throughout the season while the Golden Raindrops turns awesome shades of red in the fall.

Here is the complete list of new plant varieties at TimberPine for 2010

Author: Katie Ketelsen



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10 responses to “My 10 Favorites~New Plants 2010

  1. Sarah Schwab

    I love the Weeping Alaskan Cypress it makes such a statement! I am also a huge fan of the babtisia, I have not been blessed enough to have one in my landscape bed but it is a definite on my list of additions this spring. I also cant wait for your findings with the spurge. Keep us posted!

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  3. Cathy Shields

    Katie, Will the Huron Sunrise grass winter? Also can I find it at any nursery as I live to far away to get it for you. Love all your new plants…

  4. Cathy~thanks for the read!

    The Huron Sunrise Grass should winter down to zone 4. Forgive me, but I heard you moved, can you tell me where and I can confirm the winter hardiness as well as recommend a nursery?

    Thanks girl!

  5. Cathy Shields

    Thanks… We now live in DeKalb, Il. 50 miles or so from Chicago. I love reading your postings ~ Keep up the great work… Cathy

  6. Thanks Cathy! I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

    I’ve got a couple connections in IL….let me get with them and I’ll let you know where you could purchase this grass. I do believe you should be warm enough for this grass. I’ll be in touch!


  7. I found your website on Yahoo and i like your content.

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