“Cyclamen” Plant of the Month~March

Alright….so Cyclamen is not a plant sold at TimberPine.  But in a moment of cabin fever weakness, I went out and splurged on 2 bright-colored Cyclamens and I’m loving myself for it.  Check em out…and wipe that jealous drool off your chin as you see how cool they look.

AND not only do they look smoking hot…but they smell scrumptious!  Imagine yourself…sitting at your decrepid desk boxed in by your mile high cubicle walls and all a sudden your schnoz catches a whiff of something….something sweet smelling.  You KNOW it’s not you as you’re not quite sweet enough.  You KNOW it’s not your co-worker as you’re certain he doesn’t know what deodorant is.  What ELSE could it be but the dainty, flower power packed within the petals of the Cyclamen.

For those of you sensitive to floral scents, this one is for you.  It’s not overpowering and actually leaves me wanting more (so I occasionally lean over and bury my nose in the plant). And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what is getting me through this miserable winter.  Sometimes it’s just the simple pleasures.

Because I’m only knowledgeable about Cyclamen when it comes to testifying about their smell, check out how Elizabeth Licata managed to keep her Cyclamen alive for 10 years!!  Yeah you read right.  10 years…my houseplants don’t make it past year 1.  How’s that for a horticulturist?

Do you have a Cyclamen?  Share where you found your’s so others can reap the rewards! I snagged mine at Harvey’s Greenhouse in Adel.  They’ve got great houseplants!

Happy Planting!

Author: Katie Ketelsen



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2 responses to ““Cyclamen” Plant of the Month~March

  1. Ok – i love this plant and the description of the light floral scent. I also felt a lot better about myself when I read your blog and the link to Elizabeth Licata’s blog. I kill plants all the time. I’m glad to know other gardeners do too. I always assumed it’s because I’m a little scattered. But it seems most are.

  2. I’m right there with ya..love live plants..can’t keep em alive. My mom is a better houseplant gardener than I!

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