Meet a TimberPine Designer~Jay Ketelsen

We all kinda joke in the office about Jay being the old man of the group, but in reality he’s still just a young buck.  The reference comes from Jay starting at TimberPine just when we were taking off our training wheels in retail, specifically landscape design.

Jay grew up on a farm just east of the small town of West Bend, Iowa, near Algona.  He attended Iowa State University for a degree in Horticulture with an option in landscape design.  In 2002 Jay joined TimberPine working as a Landscape Designer as well as project manager for various commercial installations.  Since then Jay has been involved with several of the landscape you see throughout the Des Moines metro.

What Jay really likes about his job is being able to take a vision he sees in a landscape, bring that idea to paper for his customers and see it come to life through installation.  He prides himself with being able to combine the wants and needs of the customer with a unique and functional spin on landscape.  Jay’s personal design style is one that correlates with the house itself and the customer’s personality.  Within his own landscape, he makes room for a variety of ornamental grasses.

If you’d be interested in discussing your landscape potential give Jay a call (834-2712), or shoot him an email:  In the meantime…take a gander at his design work:

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2 responses to “Meet a TimberPine Designer~Jay Ketelsen

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  2. Paweł Dziurka

    żałosny typek z cb nie podszywaj się pod Jana Bednarza ok

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