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Outdoor Oasis-Check

Get the most out of your backyard and create the space to relax…entertain…and simply enjoy yourself.

Lay out an inviting path.

Provide additional seating with a seatwall.

Be prepared for cooler seasons with a gas firepit.

Easily cook for the masses with a built in grill.

And finally, give your guests a focal point they can’t take their eyes off.

Project location: Winterset, Ia.  Landscape Designer: Adam Parrott


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Party Patio

Like to entertain? Need space to gather? Consider a patio!

Create a cozy retreat off the corner of your house.

Extend the space from existing concrete patios.

Add function to a patio by merging high traffic areas.

Bring the party “downstairs”.

Or create your coffee bistro oasis.

Whatever the need…whatever the desire…using pavers to extend your outdoor living space brings unmeasurable satisfaction into any landscape.

How do YOU enjoy your outdoor space?  Are you enjoying it?

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Getting from one place…to another

Often times flagstone steppers or outcropping steps are used in the landscape to bring you from point A to B.  There are several different varieties of materials to choose from.  Here are just a few…..

New York Blue flagstone steppers

Iowa Buff Flagstone Steppers~cut

Iowa Buff outcropping steps

Iowa Buff flagstone steppers and patio

How do you get from here……to there?

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Pits of FIRE

I know it’s hot out.  I know you’re roasting in this Iowa heatwave.  But what’s better than roasting s’mores on your very own firepit?

Arbel pavers surrounding pit with Dublin pavers extending off Arbel for main patio area. Winnebago Boulders for seating.

Cobble pavers with boulder firepit

Dublin pavers with sunken boulder firepit

Dublin pavers with Iowa Buff flagstone pathway to sunken boulder firepit. Iowa Buff limestone cubes and New York Blue bench for seating.


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Got a lil space…think you might like a lil waterfall?  It can be done!

The before picture:



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Patio Installation~Start to Finish

It started with a need.  A need for space to entertain….to relax….to sit while the kids played in the yard.

That need rolled out into a design.

And from there….the installation process began.

Installing packing rock for patio base

Packing rock installed for the entire stretch of patio

First circle kit started in corner

Circle kit has a pattern to it....just have to figure it out!

Regular paver pattern started in opposite corner

And the final product…minus the patio furniture.

Call a TimberPine designer today.  Patio estimates are free!

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From the Field to the Burlap

You may remember that HUGE sale on Autumn Blaze Maples I was spouting off about earlier.

And you may remember how I mentioned that you’d have to wait till April to get your tree?

This is why: from the field to the burlap..the journey has started to your yard.

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