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I thought it was cool

So last year I was privy to a purchasing decision.  I thought it was a good one..so did the person asking my opinion.  Yet NONE of you purchased one of these cone-shaped, mossy baskets last year…or maybe one of you did.

What you can’t tell from this picture is that the dark spiral on the basket is actually green (I love the color green) and the shape of the basket was different.  I’m sure now you may find these everywhere, but I still contend they would look nice in your garden and if none of you take me on my word..then I guess I’ll have to take em all home..and have the coolest garden on the block.

Try one.  I dare ya.

Happy Planting!

Katie Ketelsen



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Rockin’ in the Greenhouse

 The annual plugs have arrived…the potting has starting..and the dancing will keep ya going.

Happy Planting

Katie Ketelsen

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I’m going to my “Happy Place”

I’m tired of ‘ol man winter.  Annoyed with today’s “dusting”.  And frustrated that for 3 straight months I have come home with my pant legs drenched in salt staining snow, shoes soaked clear through and frozen baby toes snapping off at the slightest nudge.  I hate you winter…right now I really really hate you.

So today…I’m projecting the warmer side of life and sharing with you pictures that make me feel giddy about gardening.  Permission to daydream along with me.

There is nothing….and I truly mean nothing…..more enjoyable then the smell of our greenhouse, late winter, packed FULL of perennials and annuals just a rocking it!  Inhale deeply, exhale softly and accompany me on a virtual stroll through our greenhouse of years past.  Doctor approved to maintain sanity.

I hope you enjoyed yourself for just a few minutes..as I struggled to remember what spring is like.  If you have succumbed to the cabin fever, swing on out come March.  I’ll remind ya, when it’s time.

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