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‘Linesville Arborvitae’ Plant of the Month

This little gem is the very best in the line of small evergreens that handle our winter weather.  At 2’x2′ the ‘Linesville’ will make a very nice addition to your foundation planting or lining a walkway as a border.  We have had them growing out here at TimberPine for several years now.  They are in an area where they are subjected to a variety of conditions including salt from the sidewalk in the winter.  This plant has thrived in those conditions and wormed it’s way into the hearts of our designers with it’s no quit attitude.


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Hunker Down for Winter

Winter is a coming…clearly evident by the recent dose of snow. 

Are you prepared?

Here’s a quick list for high priority items:

  1. Aerate and apply fall fertilizer to your lawn
  2. Winterize your irrigation system
  3. Protect tasty shrubs and trees from winter prey
    1. Maples with tree guardsrabbit fencing for shrubs
    2. use white or light gray corrugated tubing-DO NOT USE BLACK-it holds in heat at the trunk, causing splitting
  4. Give new plants (<5 yrs) a good drink of water before the ground freezes
  5. Keep leaves raked to allow sunlight to reach the lawn
  6. Use raked, mulched leaves to top dress your planting beds or apply a fresh layer of mulch
  7. Apply dormant seed in late October for spring germination
  8. Spray broad-leafed and sensitive evergreens with “Liquid Wilt” or similar to protect against harsh winter winds

Call TimberPine (515-834-2712) with any questions on how you should prepare for winter!


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