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Urban Columnar Apples Are Hot!

Are you looking for an apple tree that is perfect for that small space?  You can grow this tree on your patio, deck or even in your flower bed.   The new Urban™ Columnar Apples are your answer to the problem.  Introduced to the market in 2011 by Garden Debut® these trees grow 8-10 ft tall and only 2 ft wide.  They have short branches and grow straight up.  The flowers are pink in color.  They are USDA zone 4-9. 

There are 4 varieties of the Urban™ Columnar Apples:

Tasty Red™ -Bright red with sweet flavor

Blushing Delight™-Red green fruit with sweet flavor

Golden Treat™-green gold apples that are tart but get sweeter with age

Tangy Green™- Lime green fruit with crisp tart flavor

You will need two for cross-pollination.  Supplies will be limited this year so if you are looking for these please come early.  

I am trying these in my garden and so far I have been impressed.

For more information on these and other great new plants you can go to www.gardendebut.com.



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‘Linesville Arborvitae’ Plant of the Month

This little gem is the very best in the line of small evergreens that handle our winter weather.  At 2’x2′ the ‘Linesville’ will make a very nice addition to your foundation planting or lining a walkway as a border.  We have had them growing out here at TimberPine for several years now.  They are in an area where they are subjected to a variety of conditions including salt from the sidewalk in the winter.  This plant has thrived in those conditions and wormed it’s way into the hearts of our designers with it’s no quit attitude.

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5 Plants On FIRE this Fall

I know you’ve felt fall acoming….pretty sure you got out your sweaters in anticipation.  But just so you know…there is still a lot of fall color yet to be seen. And if you act quickly, you might have something to enjoy in your own garden.  Here are a few of my favorite plants carrying great red fall color.

Flame Grass (Miscanthus sinensis purpurascens)

Red Gnome Dogwood (Cornus alba ‘Regnzam’)

Burning Bush Tree (Euonymus alatus)


Sienna Glen Maple (Acer Fremanii ‘Sienna)

Happy Planting!


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Outdoor Oasis-Check

Get the most out of your backyard and create the space to relax…entertain…and simply enjoy yourself.

Lay out an inviting path.

Provide additional seating with a seatwall.

Be prepared for cooler seasons with a gas firepit.

Easily cook for the masses with a built in grill.

And finally, give your guests a focal point they can’t take their eyes off.

Project location: Winterset, Ia.  Landscape Designer: Adam Parrott

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Party Patio

Like to entertain? Need space to gather? Consider a patio!

Create a cozy retreat off the corner of your house.

Extend the space from existing concrete patios.

Add function to a patio by merging high traffic areas.

Bring the party “downstairs”.

Or create your coffee bistro oasis.

Whatever the need…whatever the desire…using pavers to extend your outdoor living space brings unmeasurable satisfaction into any landscape.

How do YOU enjoy your outdoor space?  Are you enjoying it?

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Patio Installation~Start to Finish

It started with a need.  A need for space to entertain….to relax….to sit while the kids played in the yard.

That need rolled out into a design.

And from there….the installation process began.

Installing packing rock for patio base

Packing rock installed for the entire stretch of patio

First circle kit started in corner

Circle kit has a pattern to it....just have to figure it out!

Regular paver pattern started in opposite corner

And the final product…minus the patio furniture.

Call a TimberPine designer today.  Patio estimates are free!

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Eclectic Power

Like something a lil funky? Check out this eclectic trio: Summer Wine Ninebark (burgundy), Tiger Eyes Sumac (chartreuse) and Blue Fescue.

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